Nepatop Water Tanks
Rotogrades(made by rotational moulding technology)
Brihaspati Moulding Industries Pvt. Ltd., the plastic storage tank manufacturing unit of Nepatop organization is situated at Satungal-5, Kathmandu. This unit offers Plastic Storage Tanks of different sizes and quality, Urban bio-gas plants, Compost Bins, Dust Bins & Road Dividers. Products are manufactured from 100% food grade & UV stabilized raw materials using modern computerized Roto-Molding Process. Tanks are available in black, blue & green color.

Our plastic storage tanks are best and safe for: storing potable drinking water, rainwater harvesting, long term storage of water, chemical, petroleum products, emergency backup in home water storage tanks, fire suppression & protection and home or farm irrigation.

We have a wide network of dealers and distributor throughout the nation and we are standing ready to help you, purchase your all required plastic storage tank.

  • Manufacture under Rotational Moulding Technology
  • Made by 100% pure imported food grade materials
  • Store water hygenic and safe under all circumstances and climate
  • Durable and portable
  • Free from leakage, rust and corrosion
  • Multi purpose usages, such as households, hospitals, hotels, offices, industries, educational institution
  • Made of High quality polymers & can be use in construction sites for storing Fuel, Lubricants and Chemicals

Available Dimension of Vertical Tanks

100 Ltr. 200 Ltr. 300 Ltr. 500 Ltr. 750 Ltr. 1000 Ltr. 1500 Ltr. 2000 Ltr. 3000 Ltr. 5000 Ltr. 10000 Ltr.
24" 24" 35" 36.5" 42" 47" 49" 63" 79" 73" -
19" 28" 28" 35" 38.5" 42.5" 51" 51" 57" 76" -


NepatopĀ® offers 20 years warantee on its water tanks.
Claim should be made within 20 years from the date of purchase through the respective dealer with their bill and warantee card. 100% compensation shall be given against manufacturing defects. However, damage due to mishandling/accident, 50% compensation shall be given upon return of the tank.
Blow Mouldings(made by blow moulding technology)
Nepatop stands as the most trusted and reputed brand for plastic products in Nepal, now introduces blow moulded triple layer water tanks.The Blow Mould Water Tank offered by us is developed as per the international quality standards and is suitable for deploying in the roof tops for storing large quantity of water.

The latest evolution of blow mould technology goes a step ahead of its predecessors. Blow moulded and Unbreakable feature of this tank stands it out from all other black tanks.

Supreme Airtight Threaded Lid
  • Airtight screwable lid
  • Keeps water fresh
  • Keeps dirt and files out
  • Does not blow in windy days.
Bolder Ribs

When it comes to looks Nepatop Blow Mould Water tanks score big. A bolder front ribs, muscular styling, a strong lower body that looks apart, striking new threaded lid have attributed for making it a masterpiece.

Plumber Friendly

Multi outlet option along with inlet and overflow configurations help plumbers in easy connection.

More Strong

Advanced solid structure with bolder ribs support stability and reduce bulging when the tank is full.


Food Grade HDPE material ensures that the water does not get contaminated.

Keeps Water Fresh

Supreme airtight threaded lid ensures that the content of tank is free from dust and flies.

Uniform Wall

It re-examines the frame structure with consistent wall thickness and thereby allows even more effective balanced weight of whole tank.

Wide Range Capacity

Nepatop Blow Mould Water Tanks come in a wide range to cater your specific needs.

Available Dimension of Vertical Tanks

500 Ltr. 750 Ltr. 1000 Ltr. 1500 Ltr. 2000 Ltr.
35" 38.5" 42.5" 51" 51"
36.5" 42" 47" 49" 63"


The Nepatop Blow Mould Water Tank has provided 50 years of warranty after the sale.